The Ultimate EQ Handbook

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The internet is a minefield of (mis)information.

One YouTuber's telling you to boost an EQ to get an instrument to cut through the mix, yet another tutorial is telling you to do the opposite and cut everything around it.

What the F*#K?

When starting out, we wish we had a little EQ 'bible' to help guide us towards making intelligent EQ decisions.

This digital handbook is perfect for beginner to intermediate producers looking for a refresher on the cardinal principles of EQ, and for anyone looking to fast-track their way to better mixes. 

What's Included?

  • Over 30 full-color pages of EQ tips, tricks and secrets.
  • Breakdowns of when to use certain types of EQs.
  • Handy EQ cheat sheets for over 10 different instruments.
  • A full-page, musical instrument frequency cheat sheet.
  • An EQ 'checklist' you can use to diagnose EQ issues.

This is everything you need to know about EQ, minus the fluff.

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