Ableton Live 11 Keyboard Shortcuts Desktop Wallpaper

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The Perfect Ableton Live Companion

We're willing to bet you can't remember ALL of the Ableton Live shortcuts (if you can... damn, we're impressed).

For those of us who aren't blessed with the gift of photographic memory, we cooked up the sleek Ableton Live 11 Shortcuts Mousepad to help you speed up your studio workflow.

By popular demand, we've now made the mousepad available as a desktop wallpaper.

For a fraction of the price of the mousepad, you can have all Ableton Live shortcuts visible on your desktop. Oh, and it's stylish as hell, too.

  • Stay in the creative flow and easily navigate through your Ableton Live projects with quick access to key commands.
  • Maximize your efficiency and productivity while adding a stylish touch to your studio.
  • Available for both Mac & PC.
  • Mega high-res file to ensure maximum fidelity on even the largest monitor sizes.