Lo-Fi FX Racks For Ableton Live

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Note: only works for Ableton Live 11 Suite (and for future upgrades).

This one is a dedication to all lovers of lofi - we’ve got you covered with 15 fun and creative Audio Effects Racks for Ableton Live 11. These effect racks are inspired by the sound of cassette tapes, VHS, and vintage music hardware.

You’ll find tape sims, reverb and delay tricks, enhanced dub echo, and our special The LOTT multiband compressor.

Each Audio Effect Rack is complete with colorful and intuitive macro controls, taking advantage of Live 11’s new extended capabilities for creative control over effects. You’ll also find handy snapshots for each effect rack that quickly and easily get you to the sound you want when you’re producing.

What's Included?

  • Cascade Delay - Enhanced multiband delay for unique special effects and ambience
  • Cassette Filter- A warm lowpass filter combined with cassette-like tones, complete with tape wow and flutter.
  • Chord Vocoder - Instantly get Vocoder-like effects
  • Deluxe Dub - Tweaked out Ableton Echo inspired by a classic delay unit.
  • Gated Reverb - Get that classic 80’s snare sound that also works wonders on vocals and other lead elements.
  • Guitar Suite - Quickly take advantage of all of Live’s guitar sim features. You have a choice of pedals, amp heads, cabinets, and a tonal balance control that is tuned for guitar players.
  • Lofi Filter - A multimode filter tuned for Lofi goodness. Add warmth and character to any incoming audio!
  • Magic Hifi - A ‘reverse lofi’ effect for bringing back the sparkle and air to soft sounds. Get crisp and crunchy hats, leads, and textures.
  • Mod Delay - An alternative to Live’s default Delay effect, incorporating various modulation types before the delay effect.
  • Multiband Glue - Custom multiband enhancer using Glue Compressors.
  • Pre Verb - With independent controls over reverb and dry pre-delay, you can make the reflections come before the dry effect. The reverb output has a touch of compression and variable overdrive for explosive sound effects.
  • Sidechainer - A quick and easy way of simulating 4-to-the-floor sidechaining with variable rate and filter effects.
  • Tape Enhance - A tape overdrive/doubling effect that also sweetens the upper mids and high frequencies. 
  • The LOTT - Our custom OTT multiband compression effect rack, a twist of a much loved classic effect.
  • VHS Hero - A tribute to a popular VST effect for simulating video cassette tape.