Guitarist's Music Theory Blueprint Poster

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Unlock the core essentials of music literacy with our comprehensive Guitar Music Theory Blueprint! Whether you're looking to improve your improvisation skills, write your own music, or simply expand your knowledge of music theory, our poster is an essential tool for any guitarist.

Quickly and easily identify chord shapes, understand chord scales, and navigate the circle of fifths like a pro.

How To Use The Blueprint!

Chord shape diagrams visually represent how to play different chords on the guitar.

By learning and memorizing chord shapes, guitarists can quickly and easily play a wide variety of chord shapes, helping you improvise and adapt on the fly. This is especially important for beginners learning to play the guitar.

Chord scales provide a framework for building chords and creating melodies.

By learning chord scales, guitarists can better understand the relationships between different chords and how they fit together to create a cohesive musical composition.

Sharps and flats are crucial for guitarists to memorize.

Our blueprint helps you memorize the location of sharps and flats on the fretboard, an essential skill for any guitarist who wants to improve their playing skills.

The circle of fifths represents the relationships between different keys and chords.

By understanding the circle of fifths, guitarists can quickly identify the key of a song and determine which chords are most likely to be used in that key. Our blueprint helps those who want to improvise or write their own music, allowing you to quickly and easily create chord progressions that sound good together.


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