Music Theory Blueprint Poster

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Take your music and your studio’s bare walls to the next level with our Music Theory Blueprint! This poster includes everything you need to know about building chromatic intervals, major and minor key chords, building chords, and the essential Circle of Fifths.

Unlock your ability to play complex and interesting melodies and harmonies that captivate your listener’s attention from start to finish.

How To Use The Blueprint!

Chromatic intervals are the building blocks of melody and harmony in music.

With the help of our blueprint, you'll be able to easily understand how to build chromatic intervals and use them to create beautiful music.

Major and minor key chords are the foundation of most Western music.

With our blueprint, you'll easily understand how to build major and minor chords, and how to use them to create compelling music.

Building chords is an essential skill for any musician.

Our blueprint includes handy chord-building recipes, so you can quickly and easily master this essential skill without relying on memory.

Finally, the Circle of Fifths is an essential tool for any musician.

With our blueprint, you'll have access to this essential tool and be able to use it to take your music to the next level. SPECS: 175 gsm fine art paper 24" x 36" Matte finish


  • 175 gsm fine art paper
  • 24" x 36"
  • Matte finish
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