Synthwave Serum Presets

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The 80s ushered in an iconic sound like no other.

Gated reverb snares, over-the-top drum fills and liberal use of Jupiter-8s, Roland D-50s and Fairlights defined an era with music as vibrant as its fashion statements.

This preset pack contains 77 patches for Serum using our Vintage Synth and Synthwave wavetables. While they were designed with Synthwave in mind, they're also perfect for ambient, retro techno, house and many other genres.

What's Included?

  • 15 bass patches
  • 22 lead patches
  • 20 pads
  • 20 SFX and sequences
  • Constructed from the ground up, using many of our custom wavetables (
  • Instructions for installation
  • 100% royalty-free licensing.

Note: many of these Serum presets were built from the ground up, using our highly-rated custom wavetables.