Vintage Digital Synth One-shots


Featuring classic FM and ROMpler synths delivering those familiar yet elusive sounds you’ve heard on countless hits in the 80s and 90s. 

Producer Hive brings you a massive collection of pads, stabs, bass, leads, SFX, and a whole lot of retro digital goodness with this huge collection of vintage synth one-shots!

Lovers of techno, synthwave, house, pop, and lofi will especially appreciate this massive 2GB collection of samples that are ready to slot into your next track. You’ll find a wide pallet of lush pads, deep synth stabs, crusty digital bass plucks, classic ROMpler vocals, eerie SFX, Marimbas, Vibes, drums, blips, bloops, and more! All sounds are 24bit WAV files and will work in any DAW and sampler.


  • 384 lush pad chords
  • 338 stab, pluck, and key chords
  • 386 melodic oneshots for sampler instruments 
  • 110 bass oneshots
  • 145 pads, leads, and tones
  • 127 stabs, plucks, and keys
  • 144 SFX and ambience
  • 78 percussive hits